Montana’s Best Convenience Stores



Town Pump provides a multitude of goods and services all across Montana 24 hours a day. We keep up with the improvements that our customers have come to rely on us to provide and are now moving into the world of mobile based applications and location finders for people on the go.

After the petroleum shortage of the ‘70’s, Town Pump began expanding into the convenience store markets. This was in response to what customers wanted for greater convenience, more groceries, deli services, and fully automated pumps.

In the 1990’s, Town Pump began opening truck stops, car washes, laundromats, motels, deli’s, and gaming establishments. This “whole package” concept was born out of meeting customer expectations in an ever changing market.

Through continuous reinvestment we are able to meet our customer’s demands and complement our current business structure.

By paying attention to details we have more fuel pumps with less waiting, better lighting for security and comfort, larger parking areas and driving lanes for better traffic flow and extensive inventories to offer more selection for our customer.

Town Pump Locations

You can find all our locations and specials here  Town Pump Convenience website.

Highlights of Town Pump Convenience Stores

  • High Quality Products served with exceptional Customer Service
  • Serves the Community
  • Open, Clean and Inviting Atmosphere
  • Our Coffee is always fresh, hot and ready to serve!



Full Kitchen Facilities

In recent years, Town Pump has seen an increase focus  on offering a wide variety of quality hot food products with prepared foods made directly in our own state of the art kitchen facilities.

The right kitchen equipment can provide better overall food quality, which can be especially key when trying to convince consumers that a convenience store product is worth returning for.

  • Homemade quality meals prepared fresh daily.
  • State of the art meal preparation facilities including grills, clean prep area, deep fryers and modern ovens.
  • Superb refrigeration offering fresh food alternatives such as salads, seasonal fruit cups and veggie trays.


Product Diversification – The ability to diversify the kinds of products offered at our Town Pump  convenience store can have positive impacts on long-term revenue.

  • A diverse range of wine and beer offerings.
  • Restaurant quality food made on site along with quality pre-packaged food items.
  • Natural Skylights in store for better lighting, safety and comfort.
  • Store design set up for creating an inviting atmosphere in which customers can easily browse for small items.