Scholarship Program


Scholarship Program

Scholarships are available to employees of Town Pump, their children and grandchildren.  $50,000 in Scholarships will be awarded in 2014.

Guidelines and Description – Deadline - March 31, 2014

Town Pump has established a scholarship program to assist employees, their children and/or grand children planning to continue their education after high school.  The program supports a wide range of educational options, including vocational and technical training, and associate and bachelor’s degrees.  $50,000 in scholarships is offered for full-time study at an accredited Montana institution of the student’s choice.  The scholarship program is administered by the independent accounting firm, Newland & Co.  Awards are granted on the basis of performance in and out of school and are competitive.


Active employees, children, stepchildren and grandchildren of active employees who have at least 6 months of service with the company by the application deadline, are eligible to apply for a scholarships through this program.

Applicants may be high school seniors during the 2013-2014 academic year.  College freshmen, sophomores or juniors planning to enroll in a full-time undergraduate course of study at an accredited two-year or four-year Montana college or university may apply.  Full-time study is defined as carrying a full course load for the entire upcoming academic year.  Maximum eligibility is four years.  Maximum award is $2,500 per year.  High school seniors must have received a high school diploma as of September 1, 2014. 


Applicants must complete the attached application and mail a current, complete official transcript of grades to Newland & Co. no later than March 31.  Online transcripts and grade reports are not acceptable.  Applicants are responsible for gathering and submitting all necessary information.  Applications are evaluated strictly on the information supplied; therefore, please answer all questions as completely as possible.

Incomplete applications will not be evaluated or returned.  All information received is considered confidential and is reviewed by Newland & Company.

Selection of Recipients

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of academic record, demonstrated leadership, participation in school and community activities, honors, work experience, statement of goals and aspirations, and unusual personal or family circumstances.  Selection of recipients is made by Newland & Company.  In no instance does any officer or employee of Town Pump play a part in the scholarship selection.  All applicants agree to accept the decision of Newland & Company as final.

Notification and Payment of Scholarship Awards

Successful applicants will be notified in mid-May of the award.  Not all applicants to the program will be selected as recipients.
If selected, the recipient will receive an award of $1,000 to $2,500 for the following year of undergraduate study.  Prior to payment, recipient must confirm school selection.  Payment of award is made in one installment on August 1.  Checks are mailed to each recipient’s home address and are made payable to the Montana school for the student.

Awards are for one year only.  Students must submit an application each year for consideration for funding the following academic year.

Obligations and Revisions

Recipients have no obligation to Town Pump. They are, however, required to supply Newland & Company with complete transcripts when requested and to notify Newland & Company of any changes of address, school enrollment, or other relevant information.

Town Pump reserves the right to review the conditions and procedures of this scholarship program and to make changes at any time including termination of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible?

Active employees, children, stepchildren and grandchildren of active employees who have at least 6 months of service with the company in any one of the Town Pump family of businesses, including stores, casinos, motels and Propane Services, Inc..

Where do I get an application?

Applications are available at:


To apply for a Town Pump Scholarship Program, students must complete an application by March 31 and send it, along with a current, official transcript of grades, to Newland & Company by the postmark deadline of March 31, 2014.

Who administers the selection process?

The selection of award recipients and the overall administration of the program is independently managed by the accounting firm, Newland & Company.  Newland & Company is an independent accounting firm.  All information included on the application is considered confidential.  Awards are granted without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, disability or national origin.


Scholarship Program Application

YOUR NAME:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Last) (First) (Middle Initial)

YOUR PERMANENT HOME ADDRESS: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

(Number & Street, Apt Number)


(City) (State) (Zip)

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:________________________________                DATE OF BIRTH:_______________________

TELEPHONE NUMBER:_______________________________________________________________________________________



(Name) (Relationship) (Job Title) (Work Location)

HIGH SCHOOL OR POST SECONDARY SCHOOL YOU CURRENTLY ATTEND: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

MAJOR OR PROGRAM OF STUDY: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Offices held in school organizations: ________________________________________________________________________


Other Activities:________________________________________________________________________________________________



Out-of-school activities, jobs, offices held, awards, etc.:____________________________________________________



EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND (Beginning with High School):

Name and Address of School Date of Attendance

______________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________

______________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________

High School GPA_________________Post Secondary GPA ________________Semesters Completed______________

I hereby certify the answers regarding educational background to be correct.


Signature and Title(Counselor, Registrar or Principal)                                                 Date

                Must signed by school official


                Printed Name

STATEMENT BY APPLICANT: (Statement to include educational goals, chosen career path, and any other information the applicant considers pertinent. Use an additional sheet of paper if more space is required.)


By signing below you certify that the information provided is true and accurate.


Applicant’s Signature







Return application and required documentation to: Newland & Company Attn: Town Pump Scholarship Program, P.O. Box  3006, Butte, MT 59702

Must be postmarked by  March 31, 2014

Don’t forget to include a current, official transcript of grades!

Incomplete or late applications will NOT be reviewed!