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Unstung Hero Quarter 3 2009

 You may or may not have heard of Town Pump’s “Unstung Heroes” Program. If you are an employee that has been at a c-store or casino that has received the benefits of this program you probably know what it is all about. 

            The “Unstung Hero” program is used by Town Pump to encourage safe and legal alcohol sales. Police officers throughout the state routinely perform compliance checks for the sale of alcohol at stores, casinos and bars. (Hats off to them.) Each time a Town Pump employee passes these tests by denying an alcohol sale to a minor they are rewarded with a $150.00 gift card. In addition to that, their location is put into the drawing. The “Unstung Hero” drawing takes place four times a year and each location is placed into it at the beginning of the quarter. It starts out at $1000.00. Each and every time a location passes the sting they are added to the pool again along with another $100.00. If a location fails they are out for that quarter. At the end, a location is drawn and all employees there split the winnings. 

            The winner for the 3rd quarter of 2009 was Lewistown C-store. Thanks to all employees who passed compliance checks this quarter.

            Town Pump is adamant about the refusal to sell alcohol to minors. Pass the word along and keep our state safe.

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