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Town Pump receives Leaders in Excellence Award

Recognizing Town Pump’s commitment to excellence Tom Kenneally Sr. has received the Platinum Leaders in Excellence Award from ExxonMobil for the 20th consecutive year.

This most prestigious award is conferred upon ExxonMobil's top fuel distributors throughout the United States for excellence in retailing and representing the Exxon and Mobil brands. This award is given to the top 60 distributors in the US putting Town Pump in the top 10% in the nation.

The Leaders in Excellence Award recognizes superior performance for customer service, image of site operations and both participation and performance in ExxonMobil's branded fuels marketing programs. Key among these is the ExxonMobil Mystery Shop Program in which Town Pump consistently scored high in providing clean facilities, plus fast and friendly service to customers.

Town Pump, founded by Tom Kenneally Sr., has been serving Montanans since 1953. In receiving this award Tom Kenneally Sr. said, “It is the Town Pump Team working together each day serving our customers and creating a positive impact in our communities. Together we strive for excellence, investing in our future and in the future of Montana. This is a great honor.”

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