Welcome to Town Pump Car Wash
Town Pump has been washing cars for over 25 years and during that time we have only had one mission.  Provide the best possible wash for the best possible price.  
During the course of operating the carwashes, many improvements have been made in technology and the ability of a car wash to get your car sparkling clean.
We have recently added options such spot free rinse, rocker panel blasters, totally touch free car washes and most recently a new tunnel wash system located in Belgrade Montana.
At Town Pump we strive to be leaders in the industry and have gone to great lengths to provide the best possible automatic car wash available whether it is a touchless car wash or a tunnel wash. 
You can purchase a car wash at the pump, or at the kiosk at the entrance of each car wash.  Acceptable forms of payment include; cash, credit cards or a code purchased from the store, and speedpass is available at our Exxon locations.  The tickets are good for 14 days so you can wash your car at your convenience.

To Find out more about washing you car visit www.carlove.org.