Town Pump Cares About You

In addition to offering several guidelines for safety at the pump, with well lit, clean and covered fueling stations with plenty of room for easy entrance and egress. The convenience of credit card/debit card pay at the pump is a benefit that is offered at all the locations. Town Pump Inc. cares about your safety and want to ensure that you are informed about the necessary guidelines for fueling. 
Some guidelines for use of portable containers: 
• Use only an approved portable container.
• When filling container, follow the same rules as when fueling your car.
• Place portable fuel container on the ground during filling, and keep the metal nozzle spout in contact with the container to prevent build up and discharge of static electricity. Never fill a container in the bed of a pickup, in the back of a station wagon, or in the trunk of a car.
• Keep container five feet away from cars to prevent ignition of fumes by hot engines or mufflers. Ask others, particularly children, to stand back during filling.
• Manually control the nozzle valve throughout the filling process.
• Fill container no more than 95 percent full to allow for expansion. 

Some guidelines for fueling vehicles:
• Turn off your engine.
• Use only the refueling latch provided on the dispenser.
• Never leave the nozzle unattended.
• Do not overfill or top-off your vehicle tank.
• Never use a cell phone or other personal electronic device while refueling.
Safety tips to avoid static electricity buildup:
• Upon exiting vehicle and before handling the nozzle or fuel door, always touch a metal part of the vehicle such as the door or hood.
• To avoid a build-up of static electricity, do not get back into your vehicle during refueling or be sure to touch a metal part of the vehicle before filling.