Awards and Accolades

2010  Special Olympics Montana 2010 - 40th Anniversary Gala Honoree 

Tom Kenneally Sr. learned about caring for community as a young boy while working one single hand-operated water pump for an entire ranching community.  At the time it was not possible for everyone to have their own water pump so they looked out for each other and shared this precious resource.  During those formative years, Tom learned a lot about caring for others. 

Not unlike the precious water Tom Kenneally Sr. cared for years ago, Town Pump takes pride in caring for another precious resource - Special Olympics Montana athletes.  And, in sports language, for nearly 20 years Town Pump has hit a grand slam countless times for the Special Olympics Team.

2009 & 2010 Moving Mountains through Prevention Award

Town Pump was recognized two years in a row for contributions to preventing underage drinking in Butte Silver Bow County.

1999 Montanan’s of the 20th Century Tom Kenneally Sr. receives the honor of being selected as one the most influential Montanans of the 20th century.  He is included in the company of Mike and Maureen Mansfield, Norman Maclean, Ian Davidson and Dennis Washington.

2000 Outstanding Business Benefactor Of The Year Award from the Red Cross for support in the Montana Wildfire Relief Effort.

Philanthropic Award from Montana Food Bank Network serving western Montanas food banks.

(1992 - 2011) ExxonMobil Excellence Award
for recognition of outstanding performance in business excellence: sales, market development, store image, customer service and safety.  This award is given to the top 60 distributor in the US.  Exxon's total distributor population is about 630 which puts Town Pump in the top 10%.    

(1992 - 2011) Conoco Image Excellence Award
for recognition of consistently maintaining standards of image excellence for appearance, products and customer service.  

Town Pump has received both the Exxon and Conoco Excellence Awards each year we have been branded.
June 2008, Town Pump and the Kenneally Family were recognized for their support of the Montana Fire Alliance.  The alliance is made up of the Montana Association of Fire Service Instructors, the Montana County Fire Wardens Association, the Montana Fire Districts Association, the Montana State Fire Chiefs Association, and the Montana State Volunteer Fire Fighters Association.  Town Pump Charitable Foundation has donated more than $450,000 to fire departments across Montana.  The recognition plaque is on display in the lobby of the corporate office in Butte.