Choice Hotels Honors Town Pump Hotel Group, Inc. With Prestigious Hotelier Award 

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  • 18 Apr, 2017

Butte, MT – (September 19, 2014) –  Choice Hotels International, Inc.  (NYSE: CHH), one of the world's leading hotel companies, named Town Pump Hotel Group, Inc. the winner of its 2014 Premier Hotelier Award, recognizing the firm's commitment to the Choice Hotels family. The award was presented to Kevin Kenneally at Choice Hotels’ 60th annual convention in Las Vegas.

"We are honored to receive this elite distinction, and are proud to be a partner of almost 20 years with Choice Hotels,” said Maureen Kenneally, corporate spokesperson for Town Pump Hotel Group. “Receiving the 2014 Premier Hotelier Award is a result of the vision we set for our hotels and the effort the team puts into accomplishing our goal of providing extraordinary guest service. This company was built by its employees and we will continue to strive to operate as a family owned business where all of our associates are considered part of the family.”

The Premier Hotelier Award recognizes exceptional franchisees that develop properties with Choice Hotels, live up to the brand promise through excellent property performance, and are active in the franchise community. The award recognizes owners who are truly committed to the brand and who work closely with Choice Hotels to enhance the brand's success.

Headquartered in Butte, Montana, Town Pump Hotel Group owns and operates 12 hotels in the state and one hotel in neighboring Idaho which include a total of six Choice Hotel franchised properties -- three Comfort Inn locations, a Comfort Suites property, and two Sleep Inn locations.

The Sleep Inn & Suites Idaho Falls  recently received national recognition for a TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Exceptional Service Award. Winners are determined based on the excellence of reviews and ratings for service, and are selected by the people who know them best – travelers. Every year, millions of TripAdvisor travelers from across the world provide the reviews and opinions that determine the winners of the prestigious award.

This is the first Hotelier of the Year Award for Town Pump Hotel Group but several of their Choice Hotels properties have received various awards in years past. The  Helena Comfort Suites  received two Choice Hotels Platinum Awards, the  Sleep Inn & Suites Idaho Falls  received the Choice Hotels Gold Award twice and the Platinum Award once, the  Miles City Sleep Inn & Suites  was ranked fourth in the United States on TripAdvisor’s Green Leaders program and was ranked eighth in the United States by TripAdvisor for exceptional guest service as well.

“Town Pump Hotel Group has been an outstanding partner for Choice Hotels for nearly two decades,” said Stephen P. Joyce, president and chief executive officer for Choice Hotels International. “Town Pump started as a family business 60 years ago and we couldn’t be more proud to honor their team for all they have achieved with us through the years. Their hotels consistently deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of the guests and delivering a memorable experience.’”

Started by Tom and Mary Ann Kenneally as a full service gas station 60 years ago, Town Pump Hotel Group has grown into 97 convenience stores and travel plazas, 95 mini-casinos, 20 self-service car washes, and 13 hotels. Today, their six children run the company’s day to day operations, and oversee its 3,000 employees across the state.

The company is named after founder Tom Kenneally’s memory of the town water pump in the small Montana community where he grew up. The water pump was necessary, reliable and a gathering place for residents – all qualities Town Pump Hotel Group, Inc. emulates today. Through the Town Pump Foundation, the company gives back to the communities it operates in, contributing $500,000 to area food banks in 2013, and generating approximately $120,000 in raffle ticket sales for the Special Olympics.


By media 21 Sep, 2017

Approximately 68 percent of U.S households own a pet (84.6 million homes) according to the 2017-2018 APPA Pet Owners Survey . And boy, do we love all those pets.

We dress them in Halloween costumes, create their own Instagram accounts and spend over $60 billion a year caring for them. So, it makes sense that we want to bring them along for vacation. After all, they’re family!

Your dog or cat will most likely be thrilled to go on a trip with you, but don’t forget that animals have very specific needs that must be met. Here’s a quick roundup of details to consider when planning your trip with your furry friend:

1. Document the details

Make sure you have all your ducks (possibly literally) in a row when it comes to traveling with your pet. Always keep rabies vaccination records and a current proof of health on hand if you’re crossing any state or country borders. Also, save your vet’s number in your phone and be sure to pack enough medicine for the length of your trip.

2. Plan for safe transport

Most airlines allow cats and dogs, but whether they ride in the cargo hold or under your seat depends on the weight, breed and size restrictions for each individual airline. There will also be an additional fee. You’ll also want to purchase a USDA-approved shipping crate and mark it with clear identifiers, including your name, phone number and destination. Make sure the crate is the correct size (your pet should be able to stand, sit and turn around) and fill it with absorbent materials in case of accidents.

If you’re driving your own vehicle, keep pets safe in a well-ventilated carrier or crate rather than roaming freely. Be sure to secure the container with a seatbelt to prevent sliding or injury during an abrupt stop. Or, you can keep pets buckled up with a harness. Also, never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle. On hot days, pets can quickly become overheated while in the winter they can suffer from hypothermia in the cold car.

3. Be a smart packer

Pack Kitty or Fido their own traveling kit with all the essentials, including a water bowl, food, leash, waste scoop, medication and first aid equipment. You should also bring along their favorite blanket or toy in case of traveling anxiety. If you’re traveling by car, pack some bottled water to avoid an upset stomach from an unfamiliar water source.

4. Make time for exercise

Animals need to stretch their legs, just like people, if not more so. When traveling, be sure to schedule stops not just to refuel the car, but also to let your animal move and stretch its body. Bring a favorite toy they can play with, to stimulate and energize them during these brief breaks.

5. Book pet-friendly accommodations

Where to stay has never been easier, thanks to a nearly exponential growth of hotels accommodating the many people now choosing to travel with their pets. Gone are the days of hair covered beds and smelly rooms. Pet friendly hotels and accommodations are clean, modern and fit every budget.

Some hotels are so pet friendly, they even offer pet gifts and treats upon check in while others feature gated, off leash areas for dogs to run around. Again, be aware there might be additional fees for having a pet.

Planning a trip to Montana or Idaho with a four-legged companion? Consider staying at a nearby, pet-friendly Town Pump Hotels property.

Town Pump Hotels is home to 13 hotels and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more. It was even named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S. So whether you’re looking to stay in the city or in the great outdoors, you’ll find comfortable lodging at a Town Pump hotel in Montana or Idaho.

To start planning your next trip, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By Town Pump 10 Aug, 2017

Whether you hop in the car and hit the road or pack your bags to jet across the country, you need to consider safety in your planning. Here’s how to prepare and stay safe on this road this season.

Pre-Trip Prep

Before you lock the door behind you, a little effort beforehand will make travelling easier and give you peace of mind.

1. Leave an itinerary with a friend or family member that can also double as your emergency contact if needed.

2. Whether in state or out, have the emergency numbers of where you’re travelling readily available.

3. If you’re driving, make sure your emergency car kit is up to date and fully stocked. In today’s world, that now means a backup battery for your phone! Don’t forget the standards such as first aid kit, non-perishable food and water, tire gauge, flashlight and reflective signs to place near your car should you break down.

During Your Trip

Once you have begun your journey, keep a few of these tips in mind to ensure you get from Point A to Point B safely.

1. Avoid animals. That stray dog or cat might be carrying a disease. Plus, you never know how an animal will behave. Even more important, avoid interaction with any wild animals. From raccoons to bears and big cats, wild animals are dangerous and should be avoided.

2. Use your common sense. Don’t flash cash around and don’t wear overtly expensive jewelry. Also stay vigilant when you’re using your phone or listening to music while out and about.

3. Drive smart. This means obey traffic laws, follow the speed limit and most importantly, don’t drive tired.

Advice for Montana Visitors

1. Avoiding driving while tired is especially relevant in Montana. All that big sky means lots of driving across vast distances. It can easy to be lulled into a relaxed state, but make sure this doesn’t mean sleepy. Even if you are wide awake, your fellow drivers could also be driving long distances, so be thoughtful and aware of others.

2. This distance also means you need to keep your gas tank full. Make it a rule to always fill up when it reaches a quarter tank. Look at the map of where you’re going next, the distance and the gas stations along your route to plan accordingly.

3. Montana is also known for extremely varied weather. In fact, Montana holds the U.S. record of greatest and fastest temperature change when the temperature rose 47 degrees in 7 minutes in 1980. While those extremes are highly unlikely, you should still be prepared for many different conditions. That tank top might feel good now, but when the sun goes down, you will want a sweater. And should your car ever break down, especially in the autumn and winter months, you will need to stay warm, so add a shovel and blankets to that emergency car kit you prepared.

If you’re traveling in Montana this fall, consider staying at a nearby Town Pump Hotel Group property.

Town Pump Hotel Group is home to 13 hotels and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more. It was even named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S. So whether you’re looking to stay in the city or in the great outdoors, you’ll find comfortable lodging at a Town Pump hotel in Montana or Idaho.

To start planning your next trip, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By Town Pump 11 Jul, 2017

From iconic national parks and towering mountains to cities with friendly faces, Montana is a dream destination for anyone who loves the outdoors. Here are three great reasons to add visiting Big Sky Country to your bucket list this fall.

1. Two words: fall foliage

Imagine an already scenically beautiful place that gets enhanced by the crisp colors of fall and you'll find yourself in Montana. Whether you're hiking through Glacier National Park, biking the Hiawatha Trail, or simply putting the car in drive, you're bound to find yourself surrounded by bursting colors and stunning views.

Spanning 1 million acres, Glacier National Park is especially breathtaking in the fall, as its valleys and mountainsides are painted with seasonally coordinated yellows, oranges and reds. Flathead Valley, Seeley-Swan Valley and the University of Montana's Missoula Valley are also popular viewing destinations with their colorful views of surrounding terrain.

2. There are tons of good eats and drinks

Montana certainly doesn't disappoint when it comes to seasonal treats. To kick off rifle hunting season, Montanans and tourists alike can graze at the annual Ennis Hunters Feed in Ennis, Montana, where locals create custom creations such as elk and deer chili, moose meatballs and even antelope – all for free!

Another annual fall favorite is McIntosh Apple Day in Hamilton, Montana, a fundraiser that serves up 600, made-from-scratch apple pies baked by Ravalli County Museum staff and local volunteers. Fresh apple cider and roasted pork with apple chutney are also within arm's reach.

Feeling thirsty? Montana ranks No. 4 in the nation for craft breweries per capita. Swing by one of the state's 49 craft breweries to satisfy your hankering for a pint of freshly brewed pumpkin ale.

3. Wildlife is everywhere

Montana's copious national parks, forests and refuge areas, in addition to state wildlife management areas and parks, provide ample opportunities to see wild critters year around; however, fall is particularly great for viewing.

Winter requires all animals, especially bears, to frantically fatten up for hibernation, so there's a good chance you'll see wildlife roaming freely along roadsides as they graze and eat. Fall is also the best time of year to spot bald eagles as they migrate from Canada to Alaska to winter in Montana. In late fall, you can hear the echoes of bighorn sheep butting heads on early morning hikes, making an impressive sound and even more impressive sight.

Enjoy everything Montana has to offer this fall with Town Pump Hotel Group . Named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S., Town Pump Hotel Group is home to six hotel brands in 13 cities and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more.

With all lodging properties located near local attractions and outdoor recreation, there’s something to see and do for everyone.

To plan your next vacation, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By Town Pump 11 Jul, 2017

With hotel rates constantly fluctuating, it can be a balancing act trying to find a decent hotel within your budget while traveling. While there may not be one surefire way to guarantee savings, there are more tactics than you think.

1. Shop around online

Start with big names in the industry: Travelocity , Expedia and Orbitz . To compare multiple quotes from a range of hotel chains and travel sites, try aggregator sites like Kayak and Trivago . Sites like Hotwire and Priceline offer significant discounts for travelers who buy a room without knowing the hotel name until after booking. Check the websites of your favorite hotel chains, too. They may run promotions exclusively for web bookings.

2. Call the hotel directly

Many online booking sites charge booking fees, so often times your best strategy is to find a low price online and then call the hotel to see if they can price match. The hotel may also have promotions or packages not available online, such as AAA, senior, family or weekend rates.

3. Be flexible with travel dates

Staying flexible with your timeline allows you to compare prices for a variety of dates instead of limiting yourself to one set of prices. In addition, hotel rates can vary widely based on the time of year you travel. Traveling during a less popular time for your destination is an easy way to avoid sky-high rates and maximize savings.

4. Consider a package deal

If you’re traveling to just one destination and looking for multiple travel components such as lodging, airfare or car rental, look for a deal that includes the services together. Bundling may be cheaper than buying services individually. You’ll need the services regardless, so you might as well save along the way. You may not have as many hotel choices as you would if you booked lodging separately, but the discounts could make up for the lack of flexibility.

5. Use travel reward points

Travel reward credit cards give users the ability to spend their way to free and discounted travel. Industry incentives can include lucrative bonuses for signing up, earning travel points for purchases and low APRs. There are airline credit cards, like Southwest and Jet Blue, for travelers who prefer certain carriers and mainstream credit cards, like Capital One and Bank of America, for travelers who prefer the freedom to fly the airline of their choice.

The Town Pump Hotel Group caters to travelers with budget-friendly rates at their 6 hotel brands and RV Resort. With hotels spanning 13 different cities and lodging properties located near local attractions, you’re sure to find a hotel that satisfies your wallet and travel necessities.

To plan your next vacation, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By Town Pump 11 Jul, 2017

Montana is an oasis of adventure and nature, with a plethora of activities for every age and interest. It is nearly impossible not to be awed by the beauty of Glacial National Park or swayed by the romance of a horseback ride on a dude ranch under the famed Big Sky.

So, whether you want to sit back and relax or grab the white-water paddle and dive in, Montana offers a number of summer activities to remember.

1. People watching and porch sitting

Missoula, Billings, Bozeman. Even the biggest city tops out under a quarter million lending every place a small town, American main street feel. These small cities are the best spots for people watching.

 Pull up a chair at a café or find a square on the main street and take in the diverse population of these classic towns. From hippies and tourists to cowboys and adventurers, you’ll find many people are drawn to the wilds of this state.

2. Drink up!

If sitting back with a fresh brewed cup of coffee sounds your speed, then Montana will surprise you. Montana Coffee Traders has three cafes as well as the roastery Whitefish you can visit.

Even more common are the breweries. Montana enjoys a cold one, more so than most states, and with 68 breweries, produces a wide range of tasty options. Wine is making its debut with eight wineries opening in the past decade.  

3. The original pioneers

Follow the path that trailblazers Lewis and Clark made in 1806 through the state to stand in awe of both the impressive achievement, as well as the yawning natural splendor in which they travelled. This historical trail winds its way through the entire state to 40 distinct destinations. Some are only accessible by riverboat while other spots can be a quick pull off on the highway.

4. Life is a highway

Sometimes the best way to see a place is sit back, roll down the windows and hit the gas. Although depending on the route, you might have to take it slow, not just to view the stunning scenery, but to stay on the road.

The infamous Going to the Sun Road crosses the continental divide and spans 50 miles in the Glacier National Park. The Big Sheep Creek Backcountry Byway lets you spot trout and a bighorn sheep from the car. Research before you go anywhere though, to be safe and take into account weather and car capabilities.

5. Yeehaw! Saddle up

Montana is home to the Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit, one of 12 official circuits in the US. Where contestants step into the ring to earn cash prizes for steer wrestling, bull riding, barrel racing, bareback riding, tie down roping, team roping and saddle bronc riding. Those that do well here can head onto National's for larger prizes.

You can also try your hand at all this cowboy action by spending a day, a night, or even a week at a dude ranch. A Dude Ranchers Association can put you in touch with a wide range of locales that range from small mom and pop set ups to tailored luxury experiences. Either way you can get a taste of life on the range.

Wherever you travel in Montana this summer, you can find the perfect lodgings at a nearby Town Pump Hotel Group property.

Named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S., Town Pump Hotel Group is home to 14 hotels and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more. Whether you’re looking to stay in the the city or near the great outdoors, you’ll find your home away from home at a Town Pump hotel in Montana or Idaho.

To start planning your next vacation, click here  or call 1-800-442-4667

By Town Pump 25 May, 2017

Between it’s sheer size, rural landscape and epic mountain ranges, it’s no wonder that Montana is called “Big Sky Country.” But while the 41st state may be known for it’s natural beauty, but also has a long and rich history.

Whether you’re a history buff or simply a curious tourist, Montana has plenty of museums and sites to quench your thirst for knowledge.

If you’re interested in Native American history, be sure to include these sites on your list:

• Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument

Here you can learn about Custer’s famous last stand against Sitting Bull in one of the few well-recounted tales of Native American battlefield prowess. On the Crow Indian Reservation, there is a visitor center and museum, and rangers give free lectures in the summer.

• Museum of the Plains Indians

This museum in Browning honors the diverse culture, talents and skills of the multiple tribes of the area including Crow, Cree, Sioux, Cheyenne and Blackfeet. A permanent exhibit presents a variety of creative achievements by Native American artists and craftspeople.

Learn the true stories of the early American Wild West at these historical destinations:

• Bannack State Park Ghost Town

Explore one of the iconic American histories – that of the Wild West where gold seekers and cattle ranchers frequented saloons and brothels. Bannack is one of the country’s best-preserved ghost towns, formed at the start of the Gold Rush in the 1860’s and slowly emptying out of the 50 wooden buildings as the gold ran out.

• Miracle of America Museum

Located in Polson, this well-reviewed museum features a collection of Americana artifacts dating from early pioneers to the present. Their hodge-podge collection includes everything from a stuffed buffalo to a logging towboat. You never know what you’ll see at this quirky and fun museum!

If natural history is more your style, Montana has it in abundant supply at these locales:

• Madison Canyon Earthquake Area Visitor Center

Earthquake Lake in Yellowstone formed when a quake caused a slide, which then dammed the Madison River Canyon. Instead of going inside a museum, you can walk along the interpretative trail that explains the largest earthquake to ever hit the Rockies.

• Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center Great Falls

There are 20 listed attractions on the Montana section of explorers Lewis and Clark’s Montana segment of their travels. These range from the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum in Malta to the old mining town of Zortman where you can still mine for gold to the White Cliffs of Missouri, only accessible by water.

Explore all of these amazing historical Montana destinations on your next trip and stay at great local lodgings like Town Pump Hotel Group .

Named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S., Town Pump Hotel Group is home to six hotel brands in 13 cities and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more.

To plan your next vacation, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By Town Pump 17 May, 2017

There are a ton of reasons people travel – for work, for vacation, for family – so it makes sense that hotel choices also vary greatly. To help pare down the wealth of options, here is a list of characteristics to look for when choosing the right hotel for you.

Price – The budget is the most obvious and important deciding factor for a hotel. Being able to spend $50 or $500 a night is the difference between a modest motel and a four-star penthouse. Once you’ve determined the amount of money you’re able to comfortably spend, you can then start to filter your choices on a wide range of preferences.

Location – If you want to walk to the beach, be near a public transportation hub, stay next to the airport or convention center, or be in the center of downtown, you can find a hotel that is exactly where you want it to be.

Don’t forget, you can also forgo the location aspect if you have a car and simply drive to popular attractions. Choosing your hotel in relation to particular point of interest or neighborhood is easy to do as well, thanks to online map views. This super handy tool that allows you to see all the hotels in the area you want to stay.

Ambiance – The vibe and local flavor of a hotel is another key consideration. Perhaps you’re looking for quaint inn or maybe a soaring modern skyscraper is more your style. If your trip is for business, you might prefer a convenient and safe spot. But if this is a romantic weekend getaway, then a hotel with a cozier and more intimate atmosphere is more appropriate. Every hotel has a personality and you want one that meshes with your own.

Rewards – If you use a certain credit card or frequent a particular company often enough, then you can be rewarded with upgrades, reduced rates or even free hotel nights. Check to see if your credit card offers such rewards or sign up for a hotel’s loyalty program if you enjoyed your stay and will be traveling frequently.

Perks - Wi-Fi, movie channels, free breakfast, parking – these are all amenities that could be charged individually or be included in the hotel cost. If you’re looking to save on costs, try looking for a hotel without all the extras. Don’t forget specialties as well, such as being dog friendly, eco-friendly or family friendly. Each of these options might offer specific enticements or deals.

Time – The amount of time you plan on spending in your hotel should be a factor in the decision-making process. If you’re looking to relax, order room service and swim in the hotel pool, then you want a room that is comfortable and spacious enough for your party. However, if this is a trip for exploring the city or working a lot of hours, then a nice clean bed might be the only true necessity.

Traveling to Montana this summer? Find the perfect lodging for your needs at a Town Pump Hotel Group property.

Named one of the 10 highest rated TripAdvisor GreenLeaders in the U.S., Town Pump Hotel Group is home to six hotel brands in 14 cities and an RV Park and Resort equipped with full hook-ups, Wi-Fi, laundry facilities and more. Whether you’re looking to stay in the center of the city or near Montana’s or Idaho’s outdoor attractions, you’ll find your home away from home at a Town Pump hotel.

To plan your next vacation, visit or call 1-800-442-4667.

By media 18 Apr, 2017

Butte , MT; April 29, 2014 –

For the second year in a row, the Comfort Suites in Helena has received the Platinum Award from Choice Hotels. The Comfort Suites Helena ranks 13th   out of 573 Comfort Suites hotels in the United States and Canada. To achieve the Platinum Award, the hotel must place in the top 3% of all hotels in the brand. “We are excited to receive this award for the second time” said Melissa Buckley, hotel general manager. “Our team understands that the success of our hotel is dependent on pleasing our guests” she continued. The Comfort Suites Helena has consistently ranked number 1 out of 22 hotels on Trip Advisor.

After receiving the Gold Award for the past two years, the Sleep Inn & Suites Idaho Falls has been designated as a Platinum Award Winner for 2013. This hotel is ranked 6th   out of 370 Sleep Inns in the United States placing it in the top 3% of all Sleep Inn hotels for guest satisfaction and brand standard compliance.

“We strive to deliver the best possible service to our guests that we can” said hotel general manager LaDean Egan. “We try to do all of the little extras that will want to make our guests return or recommend us to their friends.

The Sleep Inn and Suites is currently ranked number 1 on Trip Advisor in the Idaho Falls area.

In its first year of eligibility, the Sleep Inn and Suites Miles City has received the Gold Award. Ranked 13th   out of 370 Sleep Inn hotels, the Miles City hotel narrowly missed receiving the Platinum Award. “While we are happy to have received the Gold Reward, which is awarded to the top 10% of all Sleep Inns,” said hotel general manager Chad Ridenour, “we know that we have the potential to improve in 2014” he continued.

The Miles City Sleep Inn is currently ranked number 1 out of 7 hotels in the Miles City area on TripAdvisor.

Also receiving the Gold Award from Choice Hotels this year is the Comfort Inn & Suites in Shelby. With a guest service and brand standard ranking of 114 out of 1,255 Comfort Inns, the Comfort Inn & Suites Shelby currently ranks number 1 on Trip Advisor in the Shelby area.

“Last January our team decided we wanted to be as good as the best Comfort Inn so we decided to go for the gold,” said Steve Blazer, hotel general manager. “Our goal for 2014 is to achieve the Platinum Award” he continued.

“We are pleased that our hotels have received these awards” said hotel operations director Bill McGladdery. “Great guest service has to happen every day in our hotels’, we are pleased to see that these four hotels have received this recognition from both our guests and Choice Hotels.”

By media 18 Apr, 2017

Miles City, MT; April 21, 2014 –

The list is based on the hotels that have achieved the peak “Platinum” status in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ program, and are the most popular with travelers according to the TripAdvisor Popularity Index™. The hotel ranked 4th    out of the 10 hotels on the highest-rated GreenLeaders™ list. The Sleep Inn & Suites Miles City consistently ranks number 1 out of 10 hotels on TripAdvisor in the Miles City market for guest satisfaction.

“We take our impact on the environment very seriously,” said General Manager Chad Ridenour. “We utilize an energy management system that shuts off electronic appliances and heating/air-conditioning when the rooms are vacant. Since we opened, we have partnered with Clean the World to recycle the used soap and shampoo, use compostable plates, cups, and utensils in our breakfast area, capture the heat from our dryers to pre-heat the water for our washing machines, and use LED lighting in our signs and exterior lighting,” he continued.

“Given that Earth Day is April 22 we are very excited to have the Sleep Inn be the only hotel in Montana to receive this recognition,” said Town Pump Hotel Operations Director Bill McGladdery. “Many of the systems we use at the Sleep Inn were incorporated in the design phase of this hotel and are utilized at other Town Pump facilities across Montana,” he continued.

The Sleep Inn & Suites Miles City features 90 smoke free rooms with their signature Design to Dream™ décor, indoor pool, exercise room, business center, breakfast room, elevator and over 2,500 square feet of flexible meeting space.

The hotel is one of 13 hotels operated by Town Pump in Montana and Idaho.

By media 18 Apr, 2017

Idaho Falls, Idaho. (June 11, 2014) –   Sleep Inn Idaho Falls, franchised by Choice Hotels International, Inc. (NYSE: CHH), one of the world’s leading hotel companies, today is celebrating its recent 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award distinction after guests shined a spotlight on the hotel as one of the top ten properties for service in the United States.

“The greatest honor in this recognition as one of the top ten hotels for service in the United States is that it came from our guests,” said Bill McGladdery, director of operations for Town Pump Hotel Group, Inc. "It is a true testament to the effort put forth by our team to ensure that every guest’s experience is memorable and of the highest quality. From investing in new bedding and lobby furniture to treating every traveler like a VIP, our team consistently goes above and beyond to offer guests a truly memorable travel experience.”

In its twelfth year, the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Exceptional Service Award winners are determined based on the quality of reviews and ratings for service, and are selected by the people who know them best – travelers. Every year, millions of TripAdvisor travelers from across the world provide the reviews and opinions that determine the winners of the prestigious award.

“We are extremely proud of the Sleep Inn Idaho Falls team for earning this well-deserved recognition,” said Anne Smith, vice president of brand strategy for Choice Hotels International. “With their outstanding service, the Sleep Inn Idaho Falls location is an excellent representation of the Sleep Inn brand. And, the guest experience at this hotel is only getting better as it continues its transformation through the Sleep Inn Designed to Dream program, a simply stylish look and feel coming to Sleep Inn hotels across the country.”

As part of the Designed to Dream program, Sleep Inn Idaho Falls has already rolled out new bedding and pillows, new guest room lighting, lobby furniture and window treatments toward the design concept’s upgrades to guest rooms and public spaces throughout hotel.

Travelers can experience the Sleep Inn brand’s overall Designed to Dream concept at nearly 200 U.S. Sleep Inn hotels. The Designed to Dream program offers a fresh and contemporary experience that welcomes guests into a restful environment with warm colors, fresh graphics and soothing nature-oriented art.

Launched in May 2010, Designed to Dream is driving increased customer satisfaction scores, new construction for Sleep Inn hotels and higher than average performance. In-room satisfaction surveys in 2013 showed that nine out of 10 guests would recommend a Designed to Dream hotel to friends and family.

In addition to the Travelers’ Choice Exceptional Service Award, the Sleep Inn Idaho Falls owner, Town Pump Group recently received Choice Hotels International Premier Hotelier award at the 60th annual Choice Hotels International Convention in Las Vegas this past month. The award recognizes Town Pump’s commitment to the Choice Hotels family of eleven brands and portfolio of more than 6,300 hotels around the globe.

This award-winning hotel is located right off Interstate 15, just minutes from the Bonneville Museum of Idaho and numerous outdoor recreational areas, including Tautphaus Park Zoo, Yellowstone Bear World, Heise Hot Springs and Rexburg Rapids.

Constructed in 2010, the Sleep Inn Idaho Falls hotel features numerous amenities, including a business center, exercise room, laundry facilities and an indoor heated pool and hot tub. In addition, guests can enjoy a free deluxe hot breakfast, free wireless high-speed internet, complimentary weekday newspaper and, free parking. Guestrooms also feature additional amenities, including microwaves, refrigerators, coffee makers, curved shower rods, hair dryers, desks, irons and ironing boards, and cable television.

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